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"I have been involved in public service for several years. I'd like to work with you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and prioritize public safety.  With over a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to solve problems, navigate complex government agencies, and get things done". 

Crime Reduction

Cleopatra Gooden-Simms will work to restore public trust in the justice system.  This can be accomplished by making it easier for various members of the society to approach the police and file a complaint against any wrongdoing, including white collar crimes.  Furthermore, the council will issue by-laws to provide proper police protection to whistleblowers, witnesses in criminal cases and others who report offences.  

Poverty alleviation and Job Creation

Cleopatra will launch initiatives to ensure that resources are available for those who need it.  Some examples of how this can be accomplished include income, transportation and housing supplements from currently unutilized resources that are meant for residents of Brampton.  This will greatly reduce the burden on eligible families and reduce poverty and petty crimes that are often caused by lack of resources.

If Cleopatra is elected Brampton will become a hub for investments that will lead to the generation of employment for those who need jobs. 

Ensuring that we have a Council that is working for the benefit of Brampton residents

The  residents of Brampton deserve better than the services that they have been receiving from Council, especially in the last eight years.  Members of the last Council did not attend meetings  and have personality conflicts and toxicity that interfered with the work of the city.  

Cleopatra who is experienced at government relations and law was not a previous member of Council.  She has the experience and knowledge about how to get matters resolved and accomplished.  She brings fresh perspectives and a strong desire to see things improve in the city that she and her family call home.  She is determined and will advocate for Brampton residents from all creeds and ensure that their interests are properly served.

Transportation improvements

Cleopatra will be working with Council on plans to create and improve the transportation system in Brampton.  This will include more frequent buses to cover the routes that need them and easy linkages to core population centers such as universities, colleges and places of employment.

More information about Cleopatra's plans for the development of Brampton's resources, job creation, and addressing some offences can be found here: 

Planning and housing development

Cleopatra partnered with a non-profit organization that was founded to provide housing for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and youth. She would prioritize sustainable, quality developments that provide social housing, provide employment, and help to develop a locally based economy under her leadership.

She will review all council-owned land and determine its future use in accordance with the council's new economic, social, and environmental priorities.

Improved healthcare services and facilities

Cleopatra will address the concerns that have been raised by many persons in Brampton about the single hospital system that exists in a city as large as ours.  She will be inviting investors in the public and private sector to come in that can address the backlogs and long wait time for emergency services.  She will also work with other areas of government and advocate for increases in the hiring of doctors and nurses to address the critical shortages.

Improvements in by-law enforcement and property standards

Property standards in our neighborhood are clearly declining because of council infighting, which has made them irrelevant to the City of Brampton. By conducting formal citizen dialogue, changing legislation, establishing incentives, and assuring improved enforcement, Cleopatra will make raising our community's property standards a key priority.  Cleopatra will also consider the employment of additional by-law officers that can help to enforce the city standards which will make Brampton more beautiful and safer for all of us. 

Tax Affordability and Fiscal restraint

It is more crucial than ever for the city to show fiscal prudence and respect for your hard-earned tax dollars due to rampant inflation and rapidly rising interest rates.  In the past the removal of oversight caused great challenges for the City.  


Cleopatra will work to ensure that tax hikes are avoided, specify how any surpluses will be used, and take rate stability reserves into consideration. Such a strategy will demonstrate the necessary respect for your money and codify taxpayers' ability to pay within the process.

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