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Experienced Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Cleopatra Gooden-Simms is a passionate advocate for improving the lives of Brampton residents. She is a proud long-term resident of Brampton who is motivated by her sense of community. 

Cleopatra has had over 25 years of working experience in the areas of Education, Government, Law, Human Resources and Banking.  She is currently employed in a role that involves social justice and legal services in the provincial government.  Her role also involves community development and poverty alleviation.  She provides life changing services to vulnerable groups and the general population on a daily basis and takes pleasure in helping others.  Cleopatra is also the founder of a successful company that helps other businesses to obtain funding that they need for their commercial projects and real estate developments. 

Cleopatra holds a Master in Laws degree  from York University's Osgoode Hall Law School, a Master of Science in Government (Public Administration) and a Bachelors degree in International Relations, Political Science and Management from the University of the West Indies.  She also holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London.   Cleopatra is also pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership.  

Cleopatra is an Ontario Certified Teacher and Certified Human Resources Leader that advocates for children, vulnerable groups and others in her community both in her day to day employment and her personal life. She is a devoted mother, wife, activist and community leader.  She has excellent time management and interpersonal skills and always completes any activities that she sets out to do.  Those skills will be to the City of Brampton's benefit as she will accomplish the platform that she has declared. 

As your next City Councillor for Wards 3 & 4, Cleopatra is looking forward to continuing to improve the lives of Brampton residents.  Her platform will focus on reducing crime, alleviating poverty, improving access to housing and employment generation in the City of Brampton.  

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